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Start-Up Support

Have you thought about starting your own health or social care business but don’t know where to start?  At TwentyOne12, we’re here to guide you along the way and help you to become a successful care provider.

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We offer comprehensive start-up support, so the intricate and challenging process of starting your own provider doesn’t have to be so daunting.

What should I do before I start a business?

Firstly, you need to make sure that your prospective care provider is viable and that you are clear on your intentions as a health or social care provider. At TwentyOne12, we’re passionate about delivering the best quality service we can, and if you don’t have the same passion and determination to excel – we’d advise you to rethink your strategy.

Creating a business plan is one of the most fundamental steps in creating your own business. You need to be clear on the structure of your business and who you will be targeting your services towards. This will give you a clear direction, so you know where you will need guidance. We can guide you through developing a Business Plan, and you can work with our team in putting together an effective and deliverable project.

Focusing on your branding is another important factor. Choosing a memorable and effective name and logo for your care provider can help to reflect the type of organisation you want to run. Need help designing your logo and thinking of the perfect name? Our team can support you in this process and make sure your brand strategy has the perfect start.

A successful logo is all about brand association, so when people see your business logo or name, they know they will be receiving a trustworthy and reliable service. In addition, you will need to register a domain name and build a website, as this will help you build your credibility as a business and provide a place where customers can go to find out more information and contact you when needed. We can provide exceptional website development, with professional design and expertly written content.

How do I market my business?

Getting started is a daunting prospect, but if you’re passionate about care like us, it should be an exciting prospect too.  Make sure you are aware of the basics for setting up, such as finding premises for your business and checking that you are equipped with what you will need.

Well-established marketing can be the most effective way to engage with your target market and get the message of your business across. Our Marketing Team at TwentyOne12 can create a marketing strategy that is comprehensive, detailed and is focused on ensuring you attract clients from the start of your journey.

This would include engaging our team to develop a professional website for your organisation, a key component in starting up your business. With support from our SEO-PPC experts, you’ll show up on Google searches, you’ll gain credibility, and you’ll start attracting clients. In an age where everything is online, make sure your business is too.

With the rise of social media, more and more businesses are using the tools available to them to try and be heard in an extremely crowded space. Using marketing effectively can make sure you stand out of the crowd.

With the help of our sister companies, CQC Compliance and CH Recruitment, we can help you start-up your business, whether that’s to help with marketing or to guide you through the compliance process. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

How do I finance my business?

Financing your business is one of the most challenging aspects in starting a care provider, but there are various options available to you.

Establishing what investment your require starts with writing up a business plan that would allow you to gauge how much money you would need to help get your business up and running. One of the most common ways to finance your business is by using Cash Flow Finance, which helps to pay your staff on time and boost your cash flow.

Other options include applying for grants and loans. Applying for a bank loan is probably the most obvious option, although it can sometimes be difficult to get approved. The government may offer funding, as some local governments offer various initiatives to help start-ups build their businesses. Another type of grant you can investigate are small business grants, which are extremely useful for those businesses that may need the funding to get started.

An Angel investor can provide funding to help your business get off the ground and can also provide mentoring and support for your new business. You could even ask help from your friends and family, provided you’ve assessed the risk involved.

Whichever way you decide to raise the finances for your business, make sure you’ve made the right decision that fits you and your business.

What regulations and practical issues should I be aware of before starting?

Businesses that provide regulated activities must adhere to certain regulations and are required by law to register with the relevant regulator. Regulated activities are defined as services that healthcare providers undertake, that could not be performed by a lay person. This includes palliative care, diagnostic tests, medical or surgical care and psychotherapy and counselling.

There are many different types of care that provide regulated activities which are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) – including adult social care, NHS services, independent healthcare, dentists and GP out-of-hours services. Our Compliance Team can support with the registration of your provider, as well as the ongoing compliance of your organisation. Each of our team have extensive experience in the healthcare sector, with our Senior Management team comprised of CQC inspectors, CQC registration managers, an NHS Governance Director, GPs and Clinical Nurse Leads.

Our Clinical Policy Team are also able to support your new provider by producing a full suite of bespoke policies and procedures for your care service, as it is essential that you have the right policies and procedures in place to ensure successful registration and that you would pass any future inspections.

We are here to help you become registered with the CQC, as well as helping you throughout your journey as a health and social care provider. There are also other regulations you need to be aware of. In order to start your own business, you’ll need to understand tax law, get insurance and familiarise yourself with how to protect your intellectual property.

How do I recruit a team?

It is important that your staff are trained and qualified to perform the duties required of your organisation. Firstly, you must explore your employment options – is your business best suited to permanent employees, consultants or temporary staff?

You must then ensure you have the right staff training and on-going development in place. You can set up your new employees with the right skills using training schemes, so they’re at their best and ready to work within your business.

You also need to find the right CQC Registered Manager. A Registered Manager is essential in starting your care provider, as they will guide your service’s vision and direction. With the support of our sister organisation CH Recruitment and Compliance, we will help you find your next Registered Manager, sourcing a number of experienced candidates, who are all equipped and highly skilled to work within your area of business.

Our vast experience in the health and social care sectors is unparalleled and we pride ourselves on finding the best people to fit your organisation.

Once we have a shortlist of candidates, we will:

  • Arrange interviews
  • Prepare candidates for the interview
  • Outline what is expected from them in the role
  • Give feedback to unsuccessful candidates
  • Communicate between the successful candidate and your organisation

Whether you need interim management support or permanent recruitment, we can help you.

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