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Search Engine Optimisation

Making sure your content is appealing and engaging is difficult to achieve – making sure the right people see it is even harder. That’s where our SEO expertise can really benefit your organisation.

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We want to work with you to develop a strategy that will ensure that the people who need your services can find them with ease. 

Developing a successful SEO strategy begins with a real understanding of your brand and the services that you offer. That’s why at TwentyOne12, we really want to feel part of your team and understand the intricacies of your organisation. This level of detail is all-important in boosting your online performance and ensuring that you rocket to the top of the relevant searches on Google.

When looking to raise the profile of your organisation with Search Engine Optimisation, it is also important to distinguish between organic and paid SEO. Utilising paid advertising is an undeniably effective in establishing your organisation and bringing in enquires in the short-term. However, the long-term aim would always be to establish your brand organically in the online marketplace – delivering top-quality content and positioning your organisation as industry-leaders.  

Formulate a Strategy

There is no ‘magic bullet’ for SEO success – it involves an intricate, unique and detailed strategy that must be consistent across the website, the content, the social media and the overall branding. Increasing traffic to your website is undoubtedly important, but it is equally vital to ensure that your content engages visitors and ultimately leads to them getting in touch with your organisation. 

Converting Traffic

Although attracting visitors is obviously key, we will never pat ourselves on the back for simply increasing traffic. Getting people to visit your website is redundant if they are not your target audience or if they do not engage with your services. That’s why the most important figure for us is always the amount of ‘conversions’ driven by your SEO strategy. What classifies as a ‘conversion’ changes from each organisation, it could be as simple as a potential client giving you a call or it could be a visitor purchasing an item from your online shop. 

Our approach to SEO is completely guided by your requirements – which is why we pride ourselves on our attention to detail, our communication and our desire to understand your organisation from the ground-up.

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