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Public Relations

Public and Media relations are all about subtlety and credibility. Many people believe that PR is all about spinning difficult stories or getting in the good books of media outlets. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, that’s what it’s all about – truth. 

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We simply want to convey your story and make sure people hear it. That’s why credibility and engagement are cornerstones of our strategy when it comes to Public Relations.

Our team will work closely with your organisation to really understand your values and branding.

Media engagement is undoubtedly important, but we ensure that the right publications know about you and that your message will reach the audience it needs to. In the digital world, press coverage helps to increase your SEO and your visibility online. 

The team at TwentyOne12 have decades of experience in healthcare marketing and compliance. With access to some of the finest compliance experts in the UK, our knowledge of these sectors is unparalleled and informs every aspect of our PR and digital marketing.

Whether it’s issuing press releases, outlining strategy, liaising with local media or ensuring that your SEO is absolutely optimised – we are here to broaden your message and increase your engagement.

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