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Healthcare Marketing During COVID-19

How Have Things Changed?

The past few months has seen an unprecedented overhaul in the way we all live our lives. The healthcare sector has perhaps seen the most monumental shift in how they operate and conduct their services. This has even extended to how healthcare providers communicate and promote themselves, as the additional sensitivity and fear surrounding COVID-19 has changed how we let people know about our services.

Of course, anything related to healthcare carries a certain sensitivity. However, the virus has undeniably altered how healthcare brands operate their communications and marketing.  Empathy is a vital cornerstone of healthcare marketing at all times but to analyse its effect on the industry as a whole, look no further than the massive corporate brands who have adopted this strategy since COVID-19.

Slogans like “In This Together” and “Supporting You” have become commonplace in the marketing strategies of brands across every sector. Again, these have been used regularly in healthcare, but in our sector it is wholly appropriate to use these empathetic terms in order to provide comfort and reassurance to our clients.

As healthcare settings have been the epicentre of the virus in many ways, communication with clients must make it clear that steps are being taken to assure the health and welfare of everyone at the facility. Therefore, marketing teams should be making clients aware of this – without going too far and potentially causing unnecessary worry.

If your service can operate virtually – for example, appointments via video call – then your marketing should be outlining these new techniques to your client base. As healthcare providers, our clients are looking for us to be both caring and authoritative, which can be achieved through calm confidence and accuracy.

Ensuring the right messages reach potential healthcare clients has never been more important, which is why being mindful of these areas is vitally important. For more information on how we could build your brand, manage your marketing and build your online presence – get in touch!