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About TwentyOne12

TwentyOne12 is a dedicated CQC compliance, marketing and business support team, specialising in start-up support for healthcare providers. Our team has worked extensively in this sector and we pride ourselves on our attention-to-detail, creative spirit and passion for helping people tell their story.

Any marketing agency can design you a website but what sets us apart is our specialist and in-depth knowledge of the worlds we create for. We live and breathe healthcare compliance and marketing.

Meet The Team

How We Operate?

We know that getting to know your business and industry is vital to getting you the best results. Building a strong foundation is the first step to a better future.

We are driven by our desire to be everything that we feel a media company should be. We pride ourselves on our individual skills and traits, and actively learn from each other every day to make sure TwentyOne12 can deliver the best results possible.

We believe if you follow the pack you become a sheep. We like to broaden our minds, think outside the box and open ourselves up to new innovative ideas and concepts.

The harder you work the luckier you become, but we don’t believe in luck! We take a pro-active approach to everything we do to give you a greater chance of success.

Our Clients

We aim to have longlasting relationships with our clients that benefit both of us. That’s why we’re always pushing for great results.


The foundation of everything we do is trust. Building trust between us and our client is paramount.


No one is perfect but we strive for perfection in everything we do. We happily take any feedback and strive to better ourselves whenever possible.

Our Promise

We promise to treat all our clients the same no matter how old, new, big or small. We give each one of you the same love and quality.

Meet The Team


Greg Bamber


As Director and Founder of our company, Greg is the innovative spark that lit the flame of TwentyOne12’s creative spirit. His knowledge and passion for healthcare is the foundation of everything we do. With experience in both these sectors,  Greg understands the importance of effective compliance and marketing, while understanding that positioning your businesses and developing an effective communication strategy is the key to success.


Gillian Hudson

Head of Adult Social Care

With over 29 years’ experience in the healthcare sector, Gillian has overseen outstanding care services at Director-level and understands the dedication it takes to excel as a care provider. She has extensive experience working alongside the Care Quality Commission and leads our Registrations and Policies Team, ensuring that each of our clients receive a tailored and bespoke service. As a highly experienced manager with expertise in change and operational management, she is an incredible asset to our clients both from a compliance and business perspective.

Louise Morris

Louise Morris

Head of Care Quality

Louise has been in the healthcare industry for over 20 years, specialising in the Independent Sector, including Social Care, Private Hospital and Primary Care services. She has extensive experience as a Registered Nurse Manager with Care Quality, Clinical Governance and Learning and Development experience. Her career to date has been varied, undertaking leadership and managerial roles that have included researching and co-authoring clinical policies and supporting over 300 care homes with clinical training and quality improvement initiatives. Louise has retained her Nursing Registration, holds teaching qualifications and a Bachelor of Science in Practice Development. Louise is highly motivated and passionate about learning and development and ensuring service users receive high quality care. She uses her vast experience and knowledge to ensure training schemes are bespoke and effectively integrated within existing policies and governance systems.

Michelle Dexter

Michelle Dexter

Head of Clinical Operations

Michelle has over 35 years of experience in the healthcare sector, with significant clinical and management experience for both the NHS and private sector. Prior to joining TwentyOne12, Michelle had a number of years’ experience as a Healthcare Turnaround and Change Management Specialist. Here, she built on her expertise in turnaround management and expanded her knowledge of governance and quality in care. As our Head of Clinical Operations, Michelle focuses primarily on the management and recruitment of interim care managers and nursing specialists. She has exceptional skills in identifying the needs of clients and implementing processes where suitable. As well as leading our Crisis Management Turnaround team, Michelle can also support our clients with CQC registrations. Michelle is passionate about supporting and improving the standard of care from all areas of the sector, with her dedication to quality and governance ensuring that high standards of care and safety are delivered across the board.


Jayne Downey

Primary and Acute Care Lead

As our Primary and Acute Care Lead, Jayne works with our clients to deliver governance support and ensure long-term improvement in their compliance. Alongside her work with TwentyOne12, Jayne has worked as the Director of Governance and Corporate Nursing and is the nominated individual for the Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust – an ‘Outstanding’ hospital trust. With over 30 years nursing experience across orthopaedics, surgery and urgent care, Jayne has considerable knowledge in relation to reviewing care processes across a variety of services.


Will Rosebury

Business Manager

As Business Manager of TwentyOne12 Media, Will is passionate about delivering the highest-quality content, design and marketing to our clients. He has an in-depth understanding on how to create and implement a marketing strategy – specialising in ensuring that new providers have exceptional branding and compliance support. Having overseen the launch of many healthcare and compliance organisations, Will is always enthusiastic about speaking with new providers and supporting them towards a successful registration with the CQC and launching their brand. Will leads our marketing team and pushes us to always excel in our offering to clients.


Matt Jones

Website Development Manager

Matt is an experienced web developer that has worked for a number of years in web design. He has extensive knowledge of developing websites from scratch and optimising existing content – his work is designed to catch the eye and inform the reader, directing visitors to your most important content. Whether it’s enhancing the performance of websites or designing physical content such as signage and leaflets – Matt is across it all.


Jen Clayton

Clinical Policy Lead

Jen has almost 20 years of clinical experience working as a registered adult intensive care nurse, mentoring adult and student nurses as well as delivering training to other healthcare professionals in a variety of settings. She is a crucial part of the TwentyOne12 team, with her experience of writing and delivering expert clinical marketing content being invaluable for our clients. As our Clinical Policy Lead, Jen supports our clients with her exceptional clinical knowledge of CQC processes and provides expert guidance for our clients looking to be successfully registered with the CQC.


Colin McDermott

SEO Manager

Colin is our SEO Manager and with over 15 years of commercial experience working with start-ups, agencies and organisations in the UK – he is an industry-leader in delivering quality SEO strategies. Having worked with many healthcare organisations, he has a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to establish healthcare providers online presence. Colin is a recognised expert in the field of Search Engine Optimisation and was named as one of the top 50 SEOs to follow in 2020 and is regularly featured in industry journals. He is an integral part of TwentyOne12, providing expert SEO and marketing support to our clients.

Susan Zoomed 3

Susan Newton

Marketing Assistant

As our Marketing Assistant, Susan is passionate about ensuring TwentyOne12 supports our clients with excellent communications and content. Susan manages our Client Portal, making sure that each client has up-to-date documentation and receives a tremendous amount of value from their experience with the platform. As a key part of our Marketing Team, Susan creates engaging and informative content that is tailored to needs of our clients. She is enthusiastic about speaking with our clients as we help them achieve a successful CQC registration and on their long-term compliance journey.

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